Richard Ayer

Theme/Style – Modernism, figurative art, Abstraction

Media – Oils, murals, sculptures, lithographs

Artistic Focus – Many of Ayer’s early paintings were abstractions or semi-abstractions, sometimes with a hint of Surrealism. He sculpted in wood and stone, among other materials. Starting off somewhat representational, his later sculptures were abstract.

Career Highlights –

• Born in San Bernardino, Richard Ayer spent his childhood among the Utes in Utah until at age 15 he moved to Fort Bragg, California.
• Beginning art studies at the college of Marin, Ayer then enrolled at the California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco, where he studied sculpture with Ralph Stackpole.
• Ayer is said to have worked with Hilaire Hiler on the murals for what is now the Maritime Museum in San Francisco. Those murals have an underwater theme, with much fantasy infused in the design.
• Ayer also created many sculptures, especially in the 1940s and 1950s.
• After serving in the Army Air Corps in World War Two, Ayer returned to San Francisco where he lived out his life.