Trinidad Bonn

Theme/Style – Modernism, Art Deco, figurative

Media – Lithographs, pen and ink drawings

Artistic Focus – Little is known of this enigmatic figure that had visionary talent for evoking the Modernist sentiment in the viewer. Known as "Trin" in how he signed some of his artwork, Bonn created a simultaneously fantastic and possibly religious modernist work of art in The Magdalene. With a nod to the lovely and severe Marlene Dietrich, The Magdalene leaves the viewer breathless and in awe of this woman and the symbolism attached to her. Trin Bonn, though enigmatic, was an artist of merit.

Career Highlights –

• Trinidad Francis Bonn was born in California in 1914.
• Bonn worked as a draftsman for U.S. Grant & Son, Surveyors.
• His work in pen and ink was included in a Federal Art Project Southern California exhibition in 1936.
• Trinidad Bonn was a resident of Santa Barbara from 1934 until his demise in 1973.