Stanley Murray Edwards

Theme/Style – Modernism, landscapes, figurative work, still lifes

Media – Oil, textile arts

Artistic Focus – Stanley Edwards approached his painting with an aesthetic sense unlike many of his contemporaries, born of his many talents in the field of design, interiors, textiles, drawing, and the use of color. As such, his paintings exude a bold elegance and sensuality, a feast for the eye that both challenges and delights.

Career Highlights –

• Stanley Murray Edwards was born in California in 1899. He studied with George Dennison and Frank Ingerson.
• By the early 1920s, Edwards was making his home in Santa Barbara, not far from Dennison and Ingerson’s fabled “Cathedral Oaks” home.
• Gaining notoriety as an interior designer, Edwards assisted Dennison and Ingerson in the decoration of Santa Barbara’s Samarkand Persian Hotel, and also was a decorator for the Hotel Green in Pasadena and the Maryland Hotel in San Diego.
• Edwards also taught courses in decorating at the University of California Santa Barbara, and by 1924 he was supervisor of art needlework and stitchery at the Santa Barbara State Normal School, later called the Santa Barbara State Teachers College, where Edwards continued to teach art.
• During the early 1920s Edwards often spoke to art clubs in the Oxnard area on the themes of decorating, color and applied art; and supervised Oxnard Art Club classes in design and color in the city’s Community Center, as well as instructing students in art embroidery, in which he specialized.
• In 1926, Edwards left California for an extended trip to Europe for both art study and travel. He joined his former teachers, George Dennison and Frank Ingerson, in London and assisted them in their design of the magnificent Ark of the Covenant, which was eventually installed in Temple Emanu-El in San Francisco. Edwards went on to study in Italy.
• By the early 1930s Edwards had rejoined the Santa Barbara art community, exhibiting with Santa Barbara Associates artists at the city’s Chamber of Commerce gallery in 1934, as well as with the California Art Club that same year, and participating in other local activities such the Santa Barbara Art-Dinner Group with Douglass and De Witt Parshall, among others.
• Edwards exhibited with the Painters and Sculptors of Los Angeles in 1935, and at the California State Fair in 1937. In 1939 he exhibited a tempera painting at the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco.
• Stanley Edwards passed away in Santa Barbara in 1951.