Parker Hall

Theme/Style – California Modernism

Media – Oils, lithography, sculpture

Artistic Focus – A Colorado native, Parker Hall came to California in 1930 to study at the California School of Fine Arts and serve as an assistant to painter Ralph Stackpole. Later, both Hall and Stackpole worked on the Coit Tower murals, which were commissioned by the Depression-era Public Works of Art Project. Although Hall was interested in painting and lithography, he was primarily a sculptor; therefore, he considered his Coit Tower work to be of no great personal significance.

Career Highlights –

• Hall’s contribution to Coit Tower was a representation of collegiate sports featuring both teams and individual athletes in action. One portion of the mural, which appears over the arch of a Tower doorway, depicts long-time rivals Stanford and California competing on the football field. The mural also depicts individual figures engaged in sports.
• His other collected works include a lithograph now held in the Library of Congress, and a carved wood figure at Vallejo Junior High School.
• Hall and his wife Maxine Albro, another of the Coit Tower muralists, spent their later years in Carmel, California.