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Robert Kennicott

Theme/Style – Figurative art, still lifes, portraits

Media – Oils, watercolors

Artistic Focus – Robert Kennicott's work often featured the human figure in various relaxed states. His 1939 portrait of a reclining African American youth was bold, and a subject not commonly painted at that time. He had an appreciation for the human form, very likely informed by his primary profession as a physician.

Career Highlights –

• Robert Helm Kennicott was born in Luverne, Minnesota, in 1892, and had probably settled in Los Angeles by the early 1930s.
• Kennicott was the private physician to such Hollywood luminaries as Ralph Bellamy and Jean Harlow.
• Robert Kennicott was a close friend of Los Angeles Modernist Mabel Alvarez, who greatly encouraged and influenced his painting.
• Alvarez was interested romantically in Kennicott; he was more interested, it would seem, in the male models that he painted.
• Kennicott’s work was exhibited at, among others, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 1934, the San Diego Art Guild in 1936-1941, and the Golden Gate International Exposition in 1939.
• Dr. Robert Kennicott passed away in Los Angeles in 1983.