Parker Hall

Theme/Style – Modernism, Abstraction, figurative art

Media – Sculpture, drawings

Artistic Focus – Adaline Kent drew upon her independent spirit and inexhaustible curiosity to create sculptures that established her as a pioneer of abstract form and a primary advocate of Modern Art. Kent combined the direct-cut method of sculpting taught to her by Ralph Stackpole with the more conservative traditions of European sculpture, as well as the avant-garde influences present in Paris during her stay. Kent’s works, whether representations of people, animals and objects in nature, or abstractions of objects and ideas, succeeded in fusing form and space, and often created interactions between positive and negative shapes to create balanced wholes.

Career Highlights –

• Born in Kentfield, California, the site of the Kent family estate, Kent was educated at Vassar College.
• She studied sculpture with Ralph Stackpole in San Francisco before going to Paris to study for five years.
• Upon her return to the Bay Area, she established a studio in the same building as Robert Howard, and they married a year later.
• One of her early works, Printemps, “rejects the old and embodies the new sculptural attitudes to subject, form, surface, and space…the pert form, while illusionistic, does not gesture extravagantly; it simplifies.”
• She was one of the first modern West Coast sculptors to be nationally recognized for her works.