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Jeffrey Kirby

Theme/Style – California Modernism, Regionalism, Cubism

Media – Oil, acrylic, gouache, pen and ink, mixed media

Artistic Focus – Jeffrey Kirby juxtaposes vibrant color with the beautiful and sensual forms of nature and a slightly skewed perspective that draws in the viewer. He intends that his “real...yet surreal” work be viewed without intellectual or academic preconceptions. Greatly influenced by the American Regionalists of the 1930s, Kirby's work most often is compared with that of Thomas Hart Benton.

Career Highlights –

• Born in Maryland in 1954, Jeffrey Kirby began drawing, sculpting and designing in childhood.
• In 1976, Kirby received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Art from Maryland’s St. Mary’s College.
• While attending St. Mary’s, Kirby discovered oil painting, which has remained his premier medium since that time. “When I’m working on an oil painting,” Kirby says, “I’m not just creating a vision, but am stimulated by the actual application of paint.”
• In 1981 Kirby studied briefly with Gene Davis at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC. Kirby chose to break away from that milieu, however, and follow his own unique course toward a style reminiscent of the American Regionalist movement of the 1930s and 1940s.
• Kirby began visiting Southern California in the early 1990s, and by 2000 was living in California full time, taking advantage of the state’s year-round color and bright light.
• Kirby has worked as an art director and illustrator, and has exhibited in Washington, DC, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio and Nevada, as well as in many California venues.