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Paul Landacre

Theme/Style – Modernism, Surrealism, Art Deco, figurative art, illustration

Media – Wood engravings

Artistic Focus – Once called "the best American wood engraver working" by Rockwell Kent, Paul Landacre has come to be recognized as one of the preeminent printmakers of the 20th century. Best known for his views of the California landscape, he mastered the nuances of working only in black and white. Not only do his works show technical command of the engraving and printing processes, but his images also show a sensitivity, originality, and intellectual energy in the depiction of his subjects.

Career Highlights –

• Paul Hambleton Landacre was born in 1893 in Columbus, Ohio. While a student at Ohio State University he contracted a bacterial infection that left him permanently disabled.
• Upon graduation in 1916 Landacre relocated to the milder climate of Southern California, settling in Los Angeles in about 1922.
• In 1926 Landacre quit his job as a commercial artist to concentrate on printmaking.
• It was through the support of Los Angeles-based book and print dealer, Jake Zeitlin, that Landacre was able to show his early works, including a solo exhibition at the Zeitlin Gallery in 1930.
• Landacre was the author-illustrator of several books, the most important of these being California Hills, published in 1931 and limited to 500 copies, with wood engravings of Berkeley, UCLA, Malibu, Big Sur, Point Mugu, the Monterey hills, and other locales.
• Paul Landacre taught wood engraving at Otis Art Institute until his suicide in 1963.