Boris Lovet-Lorski

Theme/Style – Romanticism, Art Deco, figurative art

Media – Sculptures, watercolors, drawings

Artistic Focus – Whether created from marble, granite, slate, onyx, stone, jade, lava or metals, Boris Lovet-Lorski’s sculptures are known for their technical virtuosity and their highly polished surfaces. His pieces were often romantic in style, with highly decorative qualities and a classic stylization of the human body that made them seem grander and "more real than real life." His torsos and female figures possess an abstract quality seldom seen in the sculpture of his time, and he is also known for sculptures that offer images of exotic cultures, and for symbolic and imaginary figures whose design was based on ancient mythology and pagan rituals.

Career Highlights –

• Boris Lovet-Lorski presented his first solo exhibition in Boston, just months after arriving in America in 1920. He worked for several years in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, before establishing a residence in New York City.
• Executing American commissions while living in Paris in the late 1920s and early 1930s, Lovet-Lorski established the standard for Art Deco sculpture created during the period in the U.S., with his highly stylized figures carved from exotic and often expensive materials.
• He called New York home for the rest of his life, although he resided intermittently in Los Angeles from 1932 to 1934.
• Lovet-Lorski’s nudes are known for their classical simplicity and elegance, as well as an archaism derived from the primitivist art of Brancusi and Picasso.
• Lovet-Lorski's sculpting career was cut short by crippling arthritis, which forced him to turn from direct carving to clay modeling for use in creating bronze castings.