Yajiro Okamoto

Theme/Style – Modernism, figurative art, landscapes, still lifes

Media – Oils

Artistic Focus – One of Okamoto’s favorite subjects was floral still lifes, but he was equally proficient as a landscape and figurative painter. His works possess a naïve power through their highly unique use of color, detail, and composition.

Career Highlights –

• Born in 1891 in Hiroshima, Japan, Yajiro Okamoto received some art instruction from Matsusaburo Hibi, but was basically self-taught.
• Okamoto joined the U.S. Army in Hawaii at the beginning of World War I.
• After the War Okamoto moved to San Francisco, and had a barbershop for many years.
• During this time Okamoto was a member of the San Francisco Art Association, and exhibited in the San Francisco Museum of Art’s Inaugural Exhibition in 1935, at the Museum’s Art Annuals that followed, and at the Art Association in 1936 and 1937.
• During World War II, Okamoto was sent to an internment camp at Topaz, Utah.
• He passed away in San Francisco in 1963.