Nadine Overpack

Theme/Style – Figurative art, portraits

Media – Oils

Artistic Focus – Nadine Overpack is another California Modernist about whom little is known. Some of her work exemplifies the Modernist aesthetic of the early twentieth century School of Paris. Because her work is rare, attributing an artistic focus to her oeuvre is not as yet possible.

Career Highlights –

• Nadine Overpack was born in San Francisco in 1914.
• Overpack attended both the University of California, Berkeley, and San Francisco's California School of Fine Arts.
• Besides a solo exhibition at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, Overpack also exhibited at the Oakland Art Gallery in 1937 and the San Francisco Art Association in 1938.
• In 1939, Overpack’s work was included in the Golden Gate International Exposition on San Francisco’s Treasure Island.
• Overpack was an active member of the Bay Area art community as a resident of Berkeley and San Francisco, and married artist Sal Pizzo in the late 1930s.
• In 1976 the couple moved to Oakmont in Sonoma County.
• Nadine Overpack Pizzo continued to paint in Oakmont until her demise in 1985.