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Philip Paval

Theme/Style – Figurative art, landscapes, portraits, Abstraction

Media – Oils, sculptures in gold, brass, and sterling silver, fine silver jewelry and tableware

Artistic Focus – Philip Paval was not only an artist, but a celebrity. He made acquaintances and even friends with both European and Hollywood royalty. Some of his fine silver work was given as gifts to these friends. And Paval became well known in Los Angeles for his silver and gold sculptures as well as his portraits in oil of Hollywood celebrities. Later in his career, Paval’s paintings were of a less serious nature, including clowns as his subjects, and later moving into abstraction.

Career Highlights –

• As a teenager in his native Denmark, Philip Paval studied art and was apprenticed to a silversmith.
• After immigrating to America in 1919, he worked as a merchant seaman in New York.
• During the 1920s he moved to Los Angeles where he established a silversmith shop.
• Paval exhibited a most unusual brass sculpture at the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay.
• Paval exhibited and won many prizes internationally before his death in Los Angeles in 1971.