Lucy Pierce

Theme/Style – Figurative art, landscapes, still lifes

Media – Oils, watercolors

Artistic Focus – Much of Lucy Pierce’s subject matter was the people, buildings, and landscapes of the Monterey Peninsula. Whether a still life or portrait, Pierce’s paintings portray the era in which she painted. Often having a very Art Deco flair, her early paintings display a sensitivity to the 1920s glamour being depicted.

Career Highlights –

• Born in San Francisco in 1886, Lucy Pierce studied privately with Xavier Martinez while in her early teens.
• She subsequently studied at the Boston Museum School, California College of Arts and Crafts (where she later taught), San Francisco Institute of Art, and with Armin Hansen in Monterey.
• While teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pierce maintained a studio in the New Montgomery block in San Francisco and produced designs for handmade furniture.
• In 1920 she moved to the Monterey Peninsula, where she acquired the historical Abrego adobe building in Monterey and used it as a studio-home.
• For about twenty years she exhibited in numerous museum shows on the West Coast with a small group of local artists including Armin Hansen, Clayton Price and August Gay.